How to upload

Important when uploading

• Specify usage rights
• Specify on which platform the assets are used

All files must be in high resolution.
If you have several versions of one photo, please choose 2-3 versions to upload.

Pictures with People:
When uploading pictures with people in light of GDPR, please make sure all the photos uploaded are named with the persons name and that the person has signed a consent form that we can use these pictures. Read more about it here: 'How to ask for consent on images'

STEP 1 – Choose the right folder for upload

Please don't create new folders, choose from the alredy exisiting folders.
We are trying to keep the new Brand centre simple and tidy, so it is easily navigable for everyone.

Example: if you are uploading Mowi brand images, please upload under:
IMAGEBANK →  Brand images →  MOWI brand

STEP 2 – Click on the “Upload” button

STEP 3 – Click on “Set common properties”

STEP 4 – Add info about the content

STEP 5  – Add category tags

As we reduced the number of folders in the Brand centre, please don’t forget to add some tags, and choose the right category tags and naming to help others find your assets easily later.

Please categorise your file by choosing 2-3 corresponding tags.
This will help others searching for the right assets.

STEP 6 –  Drag and drop your files here - and you’re done!

Thank you for uploading!